Saturday, March 11, 2017

In Defense of Democracy

            Trump is dangerous. He has proven that his policies are beyond the realm of conservative or liberal. His politics are Machiavellian, and purely out for his own interest. He came to power with hate speech. He is gutting the agencies that benefit the American people the most. He is doing all of this because he is a business man. Business men are not statesmen. The purpose of a business is to make money, and he is setting himself and his supports (large donors) for massive payouts. This small pamphlet with argue how his latest scam will play out with the evidence I have at my disposal. Trump will propose a large increase to military spending, gut the state department to make diplomacy fail, then shame any politician that won't back his large increase when he takes us to war.
            Trump has already proposed a large increase to military spending at the expense of other departments. This is nothing new to our war opposed country. There are reasons why we fueled and created our military industrial complex during the cold war. However, the predictions of President Eisenhower on January 17, 1961 has come true (search Eisenhower's farewell address for more information). America spends more than the next eight militaries combined (number taken from The richest county in the country (Falls Church, VA) is home to five companies that are heavily involved in weapons research and development. War is huge business in this country, and Trump seems determined to make his donors and himself as much money as possible.
            Trump on his first few days in office fired all foreign ambassadors, and now wants to gut the State Department and USAID by 37% (stories taken from and Firing all the ambassadors will put all our alliances at risk, and will create chaos abroad that will raise tension in high risk countries. Cutting the budget to the State Department drastically reduces its ability to be effective abroad while it is already in chaos from having its ambassadors fired. This drastically increases the possibility that we will go to war with a country we already have tense relationships with.

            The final nail will be to convince the country that war is necessary, then shame any politician that dares to claim that the war in unjust. This tactic is the simple and has already been done by so many politicians throughout our history. The Bush administration put out a slogan about "Supporting the Troops". They did this to distract the American people from the unfairness of the war. People spoke out against the war, but their voices were ignored as unpatriotic. Trump as already put Iran on notice (story taken from The New Yorker on February 2nd). This shows that he is already creating a war movement. All he has to do is pick a fight with this country, then order troop into the fight. From there he just has to shame politicians into being quite while he uses the war to justify drastically boosting the military budget.  

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