Friday, August 21, 2015

Is Chaos Logical?

In many religions there are two powerful figures that represent the two sides of human nature (God, Satan; Appollo, Dionysus; Loki, Thor). These are all metaphors for the two sides of human nature. Yet, what if chaos is not madness, but logical...what if the only sin our dark sides have committed is outliving its usefulness.

Let me give you a few examples to help be clear.

Conflict: this seems to part of human history and the darker part of human nature. On the surface, humans fight over the stupidest things. Yet, what if our instincts for conflict come from a time (paleolithic period?) when threats were everywhere, and we did not have time to think through things. Therefore, an "instinct" developed in our nature.

Love: this has been the cause of many rock songs. Many people have made impulse decisions in the name of love, and said "it just felt right". Yet, is this chaos logical. Maybe it developed during a time period when people needed to stick together, which led to only those that felt this new instinct "love" that stayed together and succeed.

Anger/Jealousy: this leads the opposite side. The Greeks believed that love and hate were two sides of the same coin. Yet, what if this new instinct developed alongside the instinct of love, because there had to be a punishment for betraying love...because the instinct of love was needed for humans to stick together.

I could go through all the emotions, but I'm sure you get the picture. What if our emotions/chaos is really just a logical instinct that developed within our subconscious to help us survive? 

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