Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Nothing is Changing

            Education in the United States has become an economic hierarchy system. The reason why so little is changing in the United States is that those that can afford the education are those benefiting most from the system. Rich schools have everything that money can buy. It has the nice labs and the top prize winning scholars. This does not really mean that they are better than the Colleges substituting their income with massive sports programs (see blog post College Sports: How Sports Became the Most Important). However, why would a rich kid use an expensive education to change a system when he is the top of the hierarchy? The other side is massive student loans. The problem is that such a system straps people into years of working to pay off the loans, which makes them far more docile.
            The only way out of this trap is to read everything we can get our hands on. The masses have access to the knowledge through books sold to them through the capitalist system. Irony, I know! The capitalist system is even willing to sell books about how messed up the system is to make a profit. Such is the nature of profit and capitalism! The only problem is that people are too tired to do anything with the demands of constantly rising productivity on their backs. The United States work force has been increasing its productivity every decade, but wages have not increased with that productivity. The masses have been kept so busy with the constant demands from the ruling elites for boosted productivity that they exhausted. Boosting productivity not only makes the ruling elites more money, but it keeps people too busy to figure out the real problems or do anything about it!    

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