Sunday, December 8, 2013

Profit over People: Private Prisons and the Need for Prisoners

            It is my prediction that debtors prisons are going to come back to the United States. Stay with me and I'll walk you through how I got to this grand conclusion. The prison industrial complex has massive lobbying power in the United States. The prison companies make billions of dollars every year from the private prisons. The war on drugs has provided them their "customers" in the past, but even extended sentences will eventually not be enough. The nature of big business is to always push its product, which leads to new "customers" always needing to be found. The extension of sentences in the name of "justice" has caused these private prisons to make more profit to keep these prisoners longer - I see a link between "justice" and profit! Big business needs to constantly grow in order to be happy. The question now is what will happen when the war on drugs can no longer provide "customers"  and that "market" is tapped, which leads to these prison corporations looking for new "markets" to provide new "customers"? See where I am going with this? Awesome, now let us look at how this might happen.
            We now live in a technology panopticon society. The panopticon concept was created by the father of utilitarian philosophy Jeremy Bentham. The panopticon prison system was based on the concept of being constantly watched. The prison no longer had to wait for minor problems to become bigger problems. The trouble making inmates could just be dealt with quickly and effectively. The prison was set up so that the prisoners constantly knew they were being watched, but not when they were being watched. The guards could see all the prisoners at all times, but were hidden from the prisons. The effectiveness of this tactic was psychology instead of literal force being used (Read Oxford History of the Prison, or Discipline and Punishment for more). This fear is being installed into the masses is what will keep them in place.
            Poor areas are stopped and frisked for drugs, because this keeps feeding the private prison system. (vast research has been done on this if you wish to read more. Just search the web and type in prison industrial complex). There is no conspiracy about this fact. The same politicians that accept theses bribes from the prison companies are the same ones that give the police their marching orders. They have all our information to help track how much debt is out there, and anything else they want to track. So, what happens if these prison companies need more "customers"? We have already proven that they pick on people causing trouble and poor areas. Unrest in the masses are far more a result of desperation than any other reason. We have a group of college educated young people in student loan debt, which could lead to them causing trouble for the corporations pillaging the system. These ideas might just spread into the lower classes that are also in debt due to not having enough money. Notice the common denominator of debt, and the fact that these prison companies need new prisoners to keep growing.
            The two biggest groups that might cause the American government trouble as the economy gets worse could be swept away with debt prisons. The prison industrial complex will need more prisoners to keep growing as an industry to keep their shareholders happy! I foresee a future where both the poor and the new college educated poor under crushing student loan debt start to realize they are fighting the same enemy, which leads to them refusing to be divided and conquered anymore. This will cause a massive headache for our government. I believe that this will speed up the government's hunt for a way to get rid of this annoying united front from the people. The only people that will stand to make any profit off them will be the prison industrial complex, which they will figure out sooner or later. If these people are causing the government a headache, then I can easily see the laws getting rewritten to get these people behind bars and out of their hair. All they will have to do is use the information they have to slander your name, which will cause you to not be able to get work. Not able to work will cause debt to be called in, which will get you into debt prison. Thus, making the prison companies money and you out of their hair!

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