Saturday, December 7, 2013

Money is the New Religion

            Money and Stuff is the new religion in the United States. Granted, greed and selfishness are human and international traits. Every economy the world over uses money to stream line trade in their economy. This is a given. However, the United States has begun to worship money on a level that is truly emotional and devotion based. This makes money the new religion in the country. The definition of religion is "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held with ardor and faith". (Taken straight from my dictionary). I am going to argue through both the good and bad points of this definition to show how I got to this conclusion.
            The cause behind money is to make our lives better, because money can buy us stuff we need or want. This is not a bad thing by its nature, because it is in our nature to keep improving and progressing. There are ways to channel that energy that benefits humanity and ways that this is harmful to humanity. Recently, Black Friday happened in the United States. I watched as my news feed filled up with people getting into fights over towels and people getting knifed over parking spots. People, let me break it down for you. You work your rear end off to get that money away from a company in a pay check, then jump at the first chance to throw it away because there is a "sale" sign on something? No wonder the top 1% thinks the populace is stupid!
            The principles of the religion of money is thou shall have no other gods before money. I want all my readers to have blessing flowing on them. I want you to have nice things. However, let's get back to thou shall have no gods before money, shall we? We exalt anyone that is the most loyal servant of money regardless of how they got it. The Kardashians have basically prostituted themselves in pretty much every way. Sometimes literally with sex tapes. We exalt her. The family makes their wealth by the fact that we are constantly paying attention to them. We give these people titles like celebrity and fame for their bad behavior. This makes them wealthy. Their bad behavior is quickly forgiven as people wish for their lives as their wealth and power is flaunted for all to see. Thus, bad behavior is only looked down upon if it does not bring wealth. Thou shall have no principles/gods before money is established.
            The system of beliefs that keeps this going is ruthless individualism and winner take all ideology. The top 1% fills the air with programming for the noise boxes (TV) that is filled with jackasses telling the masses the wealthy deserve the money. Why? Because they were the ones smart enough to trick the masses into buying useless products from slave labor factories. Sure, you get bored with the product with a week, but you need the product in the exact moment you are told you need it! Silly people with morals. Learn to trick people into buying things they do not need if you want to be wealthy like the jackasses you worship! Sarcasm aside, the point I'm trying to drive home is that money above else has created devoted religious leaders of this message of worshipping the rich for no other reason than their wealth. Do not worry mindless sheep like people, I have not forgotten you.
            This principle of ruthless individualism and winner take all ideology is the only thing about trickledown economics has flooded into the masses. A man was stabbed, this past Black Friday, over a parking spot. The man was stabbed at a Walmart. Let us think about this for a second. A human being was so eager to throw his money away on useless products from Walmart (only hours after being thankful for what he has) that he was willing to stab someone. Thus, the 99% prove that the new religion of money (and the stuff it buys us) has crossed into all social classes and levels of society. The devoted disciplines of the religion are carrying the message of their masters far and wide. To all corners of the globe shall this message go forth with globalization! The example of a man getting stabbed is extreme, but there were enough examples of people getting into fights over stuff for me to call it a nationwide cultural thing!
            The system is kept in place by the fact that every American views themselves as the next rich person. I keep hearing how people are going to make it big someday. I want people to be successful, but let us break down what success means in this concept. These Americans are not saying they want to live full lives or better lives with money making their lives easier. They are looking at the bad behavior and wealth of the rich and saying "I want to be like that". Why would the masses want to be like the jackasses they keep seeing on their noise boxes? Society must overhaul its definition of what success is and what a better life means, or we will just keep replacing one trickster for another! Leaders wanting to build a better world will only rise when the people start following them instead of lies they have been fed by the wizard behind the curtain (wizard of oz reference). People should use money to live, but we have become a society that lives to make money.

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