Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sneaky Tactics: Friend or Resource?

                Humans have to figure out a lot things in this life, but one of the hardest is figuring out who is friend, foe, or neutral. The secret is keeping an open mind. We don't know where allies will come from, but never be desperate for allies and take care of the allies you have. Everyone has their needs and wants. Help them get to where they are going and they will help you, but be careful not to let people take more then they give. There is a difference between friends and being a resource in the name of friendship. "Friendship" has been the biggest way to turn humans into resources. People need bodies and the labor those bodies produce. This happens at all levels from youth groups to high government agencies.
                Being too generous will make you a resource and people always want to control their resources. This will make people want to control you. They will begin to shut down your ideas and begin to link access to their resources (their time, connections, etc) in exchange for your obedience. They will begin to put buffers between you and them to keep you under control and following their ideas. They will "listen" to your ideas, but never act on them. The more you prove your "usefulness" or "willingness" to follow orders, then you will have to give more and more in exchange for less and less benefit or access to them.
                Eventually, it will get to the point where they be giving you nothing and you will be giving them everything. Granted, you may get a pat on the head or a word of praise, but that's it. They have become your authority or superior of some sort. At this point you will begin to wake up. They will not fear losing you, but will fight to control their resource (you). They will get mad at you for being disloyal. They will throw everything you have ever done wrong in your face, but will get mad if you do the same to you. They are just trying to protect their resource. You are not a resource. You're a person. This power game is played everywhere from co-workers, to love relationships, to governments. It does not matter the level, because the tactics are the same.

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  1. How do you know so much about my relationship? For me, it resulted in the best educational experience of my life and I have a masters. Surely, you have experienced it first hand yourself. I agree with most of your philosophical views, except perhaps the most important issue. Email if you would like to exchange thoughts, I know I would. ;-)