Monday, November 25, 2013

Silly Dog

            The other day I was playing with my dog. She was perfectly happy with her toy, but I picked up another toy and started to squeak it.  She dropped what she was doing to see what  I had at in my hand. We played with the new toy and had a great time.  The next day, I wanted to see if she could be distracted again by the simple squeaking of a toy. She left the current toy she had and watched the toy I had in my hand. She really wanted that toy I had in my hand, even though the toy she left was much better. I thought to myself "silly dog! Why did you leave a better toy, because the other one distracted you?"

            The next day I saw an advertisement for something. All of the sudden I wanted it. I do not know if it was the pretty girl or if the product is any good, but it was presented in a way that made me want it. The fact that I was my dog in the hands of a clever advertiser never crossed my mind at that moment. Then something amazing happened. My dog came up and wanted to snuggle, and I thought "silly dog" thinking back to how easily she is distracted, then it clicked all at once. I slowly looked back up at the advertisement that had done such a good job to make me want their product. I began to wonder if she looks at me and thinks "silly human". 

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