Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lessons from the Master, Part 1

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" - Muhammad Ali
            This metaphor has two contrasting images at the same time, and that is the strategy behind this. Muhammad Ali would keep his hands at his side while he was fighting and would be very inviting to anyone that wanted to attack him. He would keep his guard down and tempt his opponents into attacking him like a harmless butterfly. He would float around the ring like a butterfly welcoming a fight to the superior fighters. He would wait for them to take the bait, then sting like a bee. The strategy won him endless fights in a world of cocky athletes. He used their cocky attitude against them. He knew that they would not be able to resist an easy target.
            He fought on his terms. He made himself a easy looking target by floating around the ring frustrating his opponent. He knew that as long he could keep his fellow boxer frustrated, then they would eventually lash out and make a mistake. It was in this mistake that he would he would sting like a bee. The key to his fights is that he did not allow the fight to get to him, but made sure it got to his opponent. He had all the time in the world as long as the other boxer was wasting his energy tiring himself out. The world of boxing is very much like business or politics. People like to feel important and are all too prone to thinking that the world revolves around them, which is wonderful to let them think. Let them tire themselves beating their chests about how awesome they. You have all the time in the world as long as you fly under the radar and appear innocent like a butterfly.

            People that think they are God's gift to humanity are bound to make a mistake eventually. If they pick on you or think you as easy prey, then float like a butterfly and forgive them. It will mess with their heads on a level that they won't expect, then they will view you as harmless. A useless, weak person that does not want to mess with them. This buys you all the time you need to wait for them to come to you on your terms, like Muhammad Ali use to do. People like that are normally well known to everyone else as well. People might not say anything. However, if they are picking on you, then chances are they are doing it or have done it to others. This is why forgiving them is important. This gives you the moral high ground for when they make a mistake, then sting like a bee. People see far more then they acknowledge to seeing, and even the strongest alpha will fall without allies to help protect him/her. A arrogant jerk that does not take care of his/her allies will be that much more vulnerable when he/she makes that mistake and you sting like a bee!

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