Friday, November 29, 2013

Animalistic Materialism

            I started watching videos of the Black Friday madness, and was saddened by what I saw on my screen. There was a story of a man getting cut with a knife over a parking spot at Walmart. There were stories of fights, people getting shot, and madness that would not be accepted any other time of year. Any other time of year we would have been horrified over people acting this way over a parking spot, but on Black Friday it just another story in a stream of nonsense! Are we so primal and itching to turn into animals over cheap products! No wonder the other countries are doing better than us in economics. Some of these other countries even produce quality products. I know, quality and not on sale - what is this silly concept? Sarcasm aside, I can only imagine what other countries must think when they read these stories.
            People do an awful lot of complaining about the top 1% destroying this country, then act like this in their stories begging for just a few damn dollars off that TV?! These normally rational people boldly talk about how they are not some dumb sheep to be controlled, then flock to stores and risk being trampled like cattle at the first sale of the season. Yes, I said trampled. Check the internet for the story from a Long Island Walmart. We cannot say that we can build a better world if we work together, then act like this on Black Friday. The very concepts are opposed to each other. I've studied economics for some time now. I've learned one simple lesson. If you have money to spend, then someone will be willing to give you what you desire.
            We live in an age where anything you desire can be brought to your door in 3-5 business days, and we act like this nonsense I keep seeing hitting my news feed? What good is our technology, our status as a world power if this is what it leads to? My head master at my prep school would have been horrified at this behavior, then sat these people down for a lecture on original sin. The majority of the people I saw in these stories needed to get the ruler from an angry religious school teacher that has never been laid. But hey, that's marriage for you. Boom, didn't see that joke coming did you!? Our school masters were Protestant and allowed to marry. Moving on, the point I'm trying to make is simple. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have nice things. I got free shipping on all the stuff I bought. Oh yes, I do enjoy free shipping! Seriously, it's called online shopping - check it out!
            However, how can we call ourselves a Christian nation when people behave like this only hours after being thankful for what they have? I want you to have many blessings and that big screen TV. Football is awesome on a big screen, but God also created us as humans with divinity and self respect. I promise you that someone will be willing to sell you a TV after Black Friday. There are lots of great options for you to get the goods and services you desire in our modern economy (Seriously, it's called online shopping. It comes right to your door! How awesome is that!) I fully acknowledge that I cannot condemn everyone for the actions of a few, but the fact that these stories kept hitting my news feed regularly is what saddens me. These types of behaviors would not be acceptable any other day. So, why does Black Friday turn people primal? What I saw in some of these stories was not shopping or anything else you want to call it. It was straight up animalistic materialism! Also, to all the people that fought over a TV today - try a book next time.

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  1. You've made some excellent points on the needlessness of want. I live near the border to the US on the Canadian side, and it seems this black (plague) Friday has made it's way here. I didn't realize and went to the mall to do Christmas shopping on Friday, saw the line-ups from outside, and pulled a U turn. The greed has spread, along with the apparent injuries that people acquire all in the name of stuff.