Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christianity vs Atheism: For Love of Money

      The other day I was talking with a friend about where society is heading. I have decided not to give my friend's name to protect his identity, but I give you a critical part of conversation.

Me: "This will only grow the gap bigger until there is a divide between religion and those that have gone the opposite way into atheism and agnostic beliefs. This creates a great shock value culture where the two will play against each other. Richard Dwarkins will sell lots of books not because of his ideas, but because of the controversy against him. The Christians will pit themselves against this as a holy crusade and sell their gear, books, audiobooks, etc by setting themselves politically opposite this movement."

Me: "And both sides will grow richer and richer by playing off each other in the same way democrats and republicans play off each other. Neither side will care about truth anymore, but will need each other to scare the other side into their camp."

Me: "This game of cat and mouse will develop almost as organically as the democrats and republicans playing off each other did. Both sides will need each other without realizing that they do, and the ones that are best at the game will become the wealthiest until all real truth is gone."

My friend calmly replied something so simple and profound it was amazing. 
Friend: " Josh, we're already there".

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