Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christianity vs Atheism: For Love of Money

      The other day I was talking with a friend about where society is heading. I have decided not to give my friend's name to protect his identity, but I give you a critical part of conversation.

Me: "This will only grow the gap bigger until there is a divide between religion and those that have gone the opposite way into atheism and agnostic beliefs. This creates a great shock value culture where the two will play against each other. Richard Dwarkins will sell lots of books not because of his ideas, but because of the controversy against him. The Christians will pit themselves against this as a holy crusade and sell their gear, books, audiobooks, etc by setting themselves politically opposite this movement."

Me: "And both sides will grow richer and richer by playing off each other in the same way democrats and republicans play off each other. Neither side will care about truth anymore, but will need each other to scare the other side into their camp."

Me: "This game of cat and mouse will develop almost as organically as the democrats and republicans playing off each other did. Both sides will need each other without realizing that they do, and the ones that are best at the game will become the wealthiest until all real truth is gone."

My friend calmly replied something so simple and profound it was amazing. 
Friend: " Josh, we're already there".

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The F**k You Generation

             The new generation rising is a new generation. We are the first generation of our kind in human history. We are a generation that has unlimited access to information. Our entertainment is geared toward maximum stimulation constantly. We are a full throttle generation that has its foot all the way to the floor and we are not stopping for anything or anyone. We just now entering the workforce and already America is realizing that we are going to change the game forever. The first key difference between our generation and generation that have gone before us is how our generation wields its power. Every generation that has felt powerless in a time of massive change has its rebellion that made its voice known. The flappers shortened their skirts and bobbed their hair. They drank whiskey and danced "naughty" dances that made their Victorian parents blush. The baby boomers went the opposite way by dressing in jeans and tie die t-shirts. They protested everything that they saw as unfair and unjust. The new generation is one of the biggest in history and this gives us massive amounts of voting and financial power. We were also a generation that grew up in an age of fear mongering on the nightly news, everyone wanting our money as teens, and religious organizations spending any amount to get our attention for Jesus, Allah, or the new Atheist movement. We grew up in a time in America were "children are a future" was the mindset. Everyone is fighting for our attention and money. Entire clothing brands have risen just to serve us. We are a generation that accepted all this attention with open arms! Everyone is fighting for our souls and money. We began to learn that we were in the driving seat. We realized that we could pick the winners and losers according to what we wanted. You want our money, then prove that your product is good! You want our souls for your cause or belief, then prove to us it's worth it! We took all of this in stride with our lives.
            However, there is also a dark side to this that caused us to become very apathetic based rather than just motivated. All the attention should drive a generation that heavily involved like nothing before. We are that generation, but there is also a dark twist to our generation. We are the generation that saw mass shootings on TV and wondered if our schools were safe. We are the generation that saw friends and family members get taken to war over lies of weapons of mass destruction. We are the generation that was told to sit down and shut up from authorities. Our dreams and hopes made us ADHD regardless of how boring the teachers from the dinosaur age were. We watched politicians lie to us, teachers tell us to sit down and shut up, and then the great rescission hit. We watched as our parents lost their jobs and the system we had been told was rock solid became painfully fragile. We began to realize that there was so much that did not make sense. The game was up and young people were not buying it anymore. We looked at the wizards behind the curtain and we did not like what we saw.

            The paradox was great. We had been taught from two different angles that we were both powerful and that everyone wanted our attention and to sit and down and shut up! The current generation did not know how to handle this. They began to think through what power they had. In the past we had picked the winners and loser by rewarding their attention with money or going to their church, but this time it was different. The current generation realized how powerless we were, and how it was all a scam. We were not getting attention, but were being entertained for money we no longer had. We did not know where to turn or what to do. So, the rise of apathy began. The current generation might be powerless, but you can't tell us how to feel about it. The current generation of young people began their resistance by not allowing others to tell them how to feel. This is where the f**k you generation came from. Our focus became narrow on those around us that really care about us. The current generation has a strong connection to family and does not wish to move far from them. Our generation is one that realizes that this life is filled with scams and we only want people in our lives that support us, and the rest can go f**k themselves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What is American Culture?

What is American culture? We have a union that has 50 operating governments under one central government (our very name shows this United (together) States (sovereign governments)). Each state within our Union has it's own culture within itself, and states even have subcultures within the state. We have people from every cultural and ideological background living in America. So, what is America culture? Are there shared cultural experiences across the whole country that make Americans American? Or is the beauty of our Union the fact that we have 50 state cultures operating together as one United States?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tick Tock

tick tock goes the clock
no time no time hurry hurry
tick tock goes the clock
why do you have no time?
tick tock goes the clock
we all have 24 hours
tick tock goes the clock
do you have no time?
tick tock goes the clock
or do you have no time for me?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Four Types of College Students

I had an idea awhile back. I've been working on the concept in my head and I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts. I'm basing it off of what I heard in the dorms and my thoughts about it. I'm calling it "The Four Types".

The Four Types:
1) cognition
2) professional
3) society told me college is good.
4) remove the glass ceiling.

Cognition Motivation:
The cognition based learner cares about learning. For him/her it is all about figuring out the world around them. This group wants answers to the big questions in life.

Professional Motivation:
The professional based learner is not there to answer the big questions in life (why we a here, what is the meaning of life, etc.) They are in College because the degree is how they get into their field. Nurses, Engineers, and Business majors are prime examples.

Society Told Me Motivation:
Society told me to go to College people are in College due to the increased social importance on advanced schooling in our society, but tend to have no idea what they are doing.

Remove the Glass Ceiling:
Remove the glass ceiling leaner is not interested in learning about the big questions or anything of that nature. They fully understand that they cannot move up in their careers without the degree. Society has put a glass ceiling on their advancement and they are trying to remove the glass ceiling.

I am most interested in your thoughts about my concept. What do you think? Did I miss anything?

I'm Back!

Dear Followers,

I'm sorry for being away for so long, but I took some time out to further my education. However, I'm back and ready to build a better blog for you my followers. Get ready for a blog that is better then ever!