Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jesus's Warning About Corrupt Religious Leaders

"But all their works they do to be seen of men: for they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments." (Matthew 23:5)

    Jesus in the above verse was talking about people that use religion to secure their position in society. Jesus was telling us what to look for in corrupt leaders. He understood that all of their "good works" were for other people to see. This clearly shows a motive of propaganda based good works. Today, our leaders will kiss babies, volunteer at soup kitchens, etc. The same concept still applies. Jesus saw this in the religious/political leaders of his day as well. He understood that they were doing their good works for an audience in the same way that our leaders do good deeds in front of the cameras. This shows that Jesus was fully aware of the practices of corrupt leaders, which is why he warned us to stay on guard toward such people.

    Christians have been asleep at the wheel in modern America. Jesus flat out warned us against such people, but still our world is filled with endless pastors thumping their chests to their own glory- and we do nothing. Our world is filled with Christians using hate speech to rally people. The war cry is hate speech in the name of a man that warned us against such people. How can we call ourselves a Christian nation while such people have massive followings? The simple answer is that America is a land of cultural Christians instead of practicing Christians. The Jews in Jesus's day were the same, because it is an easy thing to fall into.

    Christianity in modern America has become a fraternity type mindset. People join a church and get baptized. The baptismal is the public pledge into the fraternity. The group welcomes the new members with open arms, but then begins to work on the new members to teach them how the fraternity "works". This is an indoctrination of the traditions of that church to make sure the new member conforms to the leadership. The new members that conform and play the game become lieutenants responsible for recruiting new members to the fraternity. The ones that conform very well, but aren't smart enough to play the game become the mindless drones to keep numbers up. The ones that do not conform correctly or in a timely fashion are ostracized from the group to make way for the new recruits. The non-conformists are normally ostracized by rumors getting spread about them, simply not getting invites to anything, etc.

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