Thursday, January 3, 2013

Corporations Lead the Way, Part 2

    A massive percentage of our federal budget goes to defense contractors. This is money that is already set in the budget. The pentagon has already said that they do not need anymore equipment! (link below) Our government still spends out of control on equipment that our military does not need. The government is doing this because they are bought by military contractors that have become addicted to the high profits of America producing at war time levels. In fact, they were part of the propaganda to sell us war in the first place, but that's for another blog post. America is running up its debt to pay for weapons of war we do not need.

    The only people that benefit from this is the defense contractors (Yes, big oil and big banking are also part of the problem, but we'll go after them later). The defense contractors take billions in tax dollars and give America nothing in return. These taxes are running up the debt and ruining the credit of the country. A country and a strong middle class cannot exist without a good credit system. Corporations that provide goods and services to the middle class have a heavy incentive to fight for this money going to programs that will protect the middle class, and expand the middle class. No one is going to buy 150 dollar sneakers and 40 dollar bras if they cannot afford basics!

    Olive Garden, their mother company Darden, and others like it are only the beginning! People are having to work harder and harder for what little money they do get. Therefore, they are not willing to spend 50 or 60 dollars on one meal. Companies in all sections of the economy that thrive on the middle class having extra money to spent are feeling or will be feeling the pinch soon. Imagine a world were goods and service companies could double their customer base while helping the American people. Education has been proven to be the fastest way to not only keep middle class in the spending middle class, but building an outstanding education system is the fastest way to raise poor, rural, and poverty areas into the spending middle class.

    The money is already out there in the budget. Companies do not even have to spend vast amounts of their own money, but it would be great if they do want to contribute- talk about public image booster! All that is required of them is that they start using their corporate muscle in the modern American oligarchy to get the money redirected into education, education vouchers that could be taken to private schools, and universities across the country. These companies will benefit not only from an increased spending middle class, but will have more top talents coming out of this top education system. It takes time and effort (both from schools and students) to turn a student into a top talent. The private sector is demanding more and more elite education in their workforce.

    The goods and service corporations will use their corporate muscle to get money that is already in the budget converted into education programs to protect and expand the middle class. They will get a protected spending middle class, an expanded middle class that will double their customer base, and a steady stream of elite educated workers to build their companies. Imagine a country of educated, healthy, and well adjusted students. Well funded schools were students get the chance to learn hard work in expanded varsity sports programs. Studies have shown that healthier employees result in vastly lower health care costs and increased productivity to the companies! It is also well known that these exercise habits are formed in the development years, and this vast increase in athletic departments will require lots more sports equipment from the private sector.

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  1. Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.