Monday, November 19, 2012

Triple Punch of Bad Health

    I've come to the conclusion that America has the perfect triple punch of bad health. Americans have high stress, unhealthy diet, and no exercise.

    I think that it is these combined elements that are destroying us. I think Americans have gone wrong in thinking that fixing one to two areas will solve it. We need to look at the whole.

    Other cultures work just as hard as Americans, but are not as stressed out as we are. Other cultures eat high fat diets, but do not deal with the same health problems we deal with. All cultures need exercise.

    So, what has gone wrong with our system that has given rise to such an unhealthy population? There are many solutions and ways of thinking about this, but I would argue that we need to start looking at the whole instead of just the pieces.

    A high stress lifestyle will take a toll on your life regardless of how much a person exercises. A bad diet will take a toll regardless of how low stress your life- I yield these points.

    However, Americans seem to have all of these unhealthy elements in our lives all the time. This has created a dangerous combination for our healthy. This is why we need to start looking at the whole as interconnected and all effecting the other elements.

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