Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Thrill of Control

    I've come to the conclusion that players/seductresses that chase others for sex, then leave them right after they get their way are not interested in sex.

    If a woman/man is comfortable enough with a partner to have sex once, then there is a high chance that there will be a second time. If there there is a second time, then there is a very high chance of a third, fourth, etc.

    The fact that people get what they want, then leave to go out to find others shows that sex is not the goal. If sex was the goal, then they would have stayed were they were.

    The thrill of the chase is not about sex, but about control. Being a player/seductress is about honing your smooth talking until you can convince anyone to give you what you want. This is what players/seductresses are after.

    Being a player (male version) or a seductress (female version) is about using words, sexually desired behavior, etc to evoke emotions that control or get the person addicted too your attention.

    This is why the "The Thrill of the Chase" is abusive to a certain extent, because it is not based in love or even natural lust for sex.

    The "Thrill of the Chase" is a cold and calculating game of putting people in a mental or emotional box to control them in order to get your way.

    Players and seductresses do not stick around after them get what they want, because getting their way is the win- and why would a person stick around after they already got the win?

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