Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Purpose of Law

Lawyers are a direct reflection of the causes the culture hires them to fight for. Lawyers can only argue with the sociology, legal codes, and cultural codes that already exist.

The purpose of law is to give people an outlet for their grievances without them taking matters into their own hands. This keeps society so called "civilized".

Criminal Courts keep people from taking revenge into their hands; Civil Courts give people an outlet without taking blows at each other; and Business Courts allow companies to fight each other without raising private armies (it happened in the middle ages!)

Lawyers are trained rhetoric mercenaries of the courts. Make no mistake, Lawyers might be polite and educated, but they are trained strategists fighting for whoever hired them.

People think that Lawyers are powerful, but this is not true. Lawyers can only argue what is already there and are merely fighting for the causes they are hired for.

If you really care about a cause in this world, then put together a fund to hire lawyers. The environment, more literature or science in schools, or your individual rights as Americans. I promise that lawyers will have a strategy put together to fight for your cause by the time the ink is dry on their check.

Lawyers are not good or bad. Lawyers are whatever society asks them to become. If you want to make society better, then start hiring lawyers to fight for the causes you believe make society a better place to live.

The key to this is to start a group or get involved with a group that fights for causes that you are interested in. The NRA for gun rights, NRDC for the environment issues, and most recently groups have been started that are hiring lawyers to fight for the legalization of marijuana.

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